Write to Me

Written and performed by Stephanie Roberts
Music by Alex Williams
Kansas City Fringe Festival 2017
"Best of the Writer's Place" Award
Roberts has devised a beautifully moving testimony to the power of epistles—to shape us, to inspire us, and to connect our pasts and presents.
                --Robert Lee Brown, Fringe Fest Reviewer

Inspired by a box of saved letters, Roberts reaches across the divide of time and place (and fourth wall in this love letter to letter-writing.

Immeasurable Heaven

by Stephanie Roberts and Ensemble

UMKC Theatre 2016

A three-year devised project in collaboration with UMKC Conservatory's IMP Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Paul Rudy

"Immeasurable Heaven," is absolutely splendid...hypnotic, stunning, so gorgeously designed, and acted by the UMKC 3rd- and 1st-year grad students with beautiful commitment and creativity. 

                                      --Darren Sextro, KC director

Eat This! 

KC Chews on the Politics of Food

by Stephanie Roberts

UMKC Theatre 2013

Best "Dinner" Theatre--Critics Choice
The Pitch--"Best of 2013"

Roberts,along with her team,thought about "What's for dinner" as they interviewed local farmers, chefs, foodies, producers, doctors and parents. The result: a UMKC Theatre show that was entertaining, thought-provoking and relevant. (It was also tasty: Soup was prepared onstage and served after.) "We are what we eat," Roberts agrees in her production notes. "It is true on a molecular level but also on a cultural and societal level as we look to the people who bring us our food." We look to Roberts to reprise Eat This and dish us up some seconds.

The Mask of the Broken Heart

Written and Performed by Stephanie Roberts
Directed by Heidi Van

"Best Face Time" Award--The Pitch, 2011

"Roberts plays 13 characters...each one dilineated with startling clarity"

                  - Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star

When private dick, Ray Meridian, takes on a case for Lillian Mallicoat, the daughter of a famous Kansas City tractor baron, he confronts a mysterious past involving scandal, supernaturalism, and his own lost love.  

The Comedy of Asses

by Plautus

Co-Directed with Theodore Swetz

UMKC Theatre 2011

Songs by Stephanie Roberts

In this revival of Plautus's classic comedy, we added songs!  From a country western ballad to a show-stopping sextet, the music was performed and arranged by a live band made up entirely of the cast members! 


With a contemporary spin and supreme ensemble work, this 2200 year-old  tale of greed, debauchery, and supreme silliness was brought to life.


KC Speaks Out on the Recession

by Stephanie Roberts

created from interviews

UMKC Theatre 2010


"Stephanie Roberts has created a fast-moving series of dramatic sequences that, through story-telling, song, and well-crafted scenes, bring this potentially leaden subject matter vividly to life...Don't miss this remarkable show!"

                                                         --KC Stage  


"Lively, engaging theater acted, designed and directed by some of this town's finest."

                                                         --The Pitch


"I would love to see a version in every classroom and in every civic organization in town." 

                                                        --Audience member

The King Stag

by Carlo Gozzi

Co-Directed with Theodore Swetz

UMKC Theatre 2010

Award: KC Stage's Top-Rated Academic Show of 2010

"We are in the hands of a pair or very fine directors, for ensembles just don't grow on trees... Her commedia dell-arte and his Shakespearean background are strongly evident as their company engages us with collective and individual physical humor, strongly delivered witticisms, and moving emotional speech. The interplay of actors and stagecraft could not have been better conceived and managed."

                                                         --KC STAGE


An International Lost and Found Family Marching Band
Conceived and Directed by Stephanie Roberts

"Hours or perhaps days after the show you may find that Boom! has embedded itself in your memory banks. Once there, it never leaves"


"It’s not like any band you’ve ever seen"

                                     --Robert Trussell, Kansas City Star

Boom!  An International Lost and Found Family Marching Band is an ensemble of six that portrays reunited sibling orphans from around the world. With each song more of their “sad, sad, story” unfolds.