My work as a movement coach on a production can include anything from proper alignment and safety, to physical characterization, to choreography. Because of my strong background in physical theatre and devised work, I have most often contributed to the production through a type of physical dramaturgy. 


This practice can entail exploring the meaning of moving bodies in space as a means of artistic research and creation within a given text, as well as defining creative practices used to develop physical-based material. 


From the movement choruses of The Cure of Troy and Master and Margarita, to the absurd physical characters of The King Stag and The Comedy of Asses, coaching is an opportunity for me to  bring my passions for teaching, directing, and devising together. 

"The actors are carefully and creatively choreographed by Stephanie Roberts in the

modest space, building a sense of the relentless nature of the contest and the

claustrophobia of their small town lives."

                         --The Public Reviews, London