GUILDit Forum

Thurs., July 25
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

I'm thrilled to be a part of GUILDit's monthly lunchime forum where art and business fuse. I will be in the company of the incredibly talented Karen Lisondra; we will both give short presentations about our art and business practices, followed by a brainstorming session by the audience.

Go here for more information!

Late Night Squeeze:

A Nocturnal Variety Show

SqueezeBox Theatre Nov. 2018-May 2019

Last summer I received an Inspiration Grant to co-produce a late-night cabaret at the SqueezeBox Theatre. In four wildly diverse evenings from November to May, audiences were thrilled by artists performing opera, tap-dance, clown, magic, stand-up comedy, burlesque, physical theatre, yo-yoing, poetry, hip-hop, cello, bolivian music, improv, spoken word and more!!

A huge thank you to ArtsKC for giving me this opportunity!